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Welcome to Luminous Soul Life. I help women shift their energy, balance their emotions and clear the stress that is holding them back from living their best life.  We work together to locate  and clear energetic blockages in the body causing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances.  I specialise in regulating the nervous system and helping empaths & sensitive individuals to clear stress and protect their own energy so they can feel calm, relaxed, confident and able to enjoy life.

Kinesiology is an energy healing modality that is great for reducing stress, anxiety, overwhelm & exhaustion, clearing limiting beliefs, shifting stagnant energy and increasing confidence & motivation, just to name a few!  My sessions use healing tools & techniques like acupressure, meridian therapy, chakra balancing, energy healing, visualisation, crystals, essential oils, sound, colour and other magic to bring the body back into balance and raise your vibration.

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Cassie Reynolds - Kinesiologist

Hi, I'm Cassie, a Kinesiologist in the Bayside area of Melbourne.  I work holistically with the mind, body & energy, bringing my passion & knowledge of various natural therapies & mindset tools to the powerful and life changing modality of Kinesiology.  I help women step into their power and radiate their light. I run sessions in-person or online, and would be honoured to help you shine your magnificent light!


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Conducted via Zoom

Energy transcends space & time

so online sessions are just as potent.


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Highett Studio


In-person appointments

Highett Studio

Morley Crescent, Highett


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Bundles & Gift Certificates

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Ready to commit to your wellbeing goals? Looking to clear the layers that are holding you back from shining your magnificent light?


Session Bundles are a great way to commit to your self care while also saving some money on your sessions. Redeemable for both In-person at Highett Studio or Online via Zoom. 

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Want to give someone the gift of self care this birthday or holiday season?


Gift Certificates can be purchased for either an Initial Kinesiology Session for new clients or a Follow Up Kinesiology Session for existing clients. Redeemable for both In-person at Highett Studio or Online via Zoom. 

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