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Kinesiology is an holistic modality that uses muscle testing to tap into the unconscious mind and clear stress on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Kinesiology uses powerful healing tools and techniques and can be beneficial for reducing stress, clearing limiting beliefs & programming, shifting stagnant energy, increasing confidence & motivation, and raising your vibration. 

What does a Kinesiology session involve?

A session starts with a relaxed chat to identify & discuss your individual concerns and areas causing stress on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Once we've established what you'd like to work on and set the intention for the session, you would then lie down fully clothed and face up on the therapy table. I then apply very gentle pressure to your forearm to muscle test (or I surrogate muscle test if having an online session). This enables us to tap into the unconscious mind to identify any trapped pain, stress or trauma causing imbalances in your body's energetic systems that may be contributing to your presenting concerns. No kinesiology session is ever the same. But every session will bring balance to your system as a whole. 

A Kinesiology session with me may incorporate numerous natural remedies & additional modalities such as Energy Healing, NLP & Mindset processes, Naturopathy, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Acupressure, Crystals, Sound, Colour and more to release these stressors from your body. This shifts the trapped energy keeping you stuck so you can feel energised, focused, motivated, calm and able to cope with anything that comes your way.

Online Session via Zoom

Energy Transcends space & time which means energy flows freely no matter where you are in the world, therefore online sessions are just as potent.  During an online session via Zoom, I use myself as a surrogate to connect with your energy field and muscle test the imbalance and corresponding corrections on myself, allowing you to receive the healing remotely.

Online sessions via Zoom run in very much the same way as an in-person session, however you are in the comfort of your own home.  The session is conducted face to face via zoom. We begin the session talking about what you would like to focus on and the stressors you would like to clear, and continue to chat throughout our time together. As the session progresses, specific emotions & energy blockages will be identified and we can discuss how they are relevant to you.  As I surrogate your energy during the session, I will use many of the remedies on myself, however I may get you to hold specific acupressure points or tune into certain areas of your body. as they come up.

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Kids Kinesiology Sessions

Kinesiology is a safe & natural therapy that is suitable for children from birth.  Children are sponges, absorbing all the details they can about the world, their family & friends and what makes them feel safe and what doesn't.  Their core emotional needs are to feel safe, connected, accepted and powerful.  Many things can cause children to feel unsafe or disconnected, and therefore lead to imbalances in their bodies. Trauma during pregnancy or birth, as well as any issue that involves change are common factors we see in clinic that can be a source of stress that needs help to be released from their energy systems. Change may look like moving house, family structure, starting childcare or school, birth of siblings etc. Sometimes a child just requires a little bit of extra assistance to soothe their nervous system and process their feelings.  This is where Kinesiology can be of great benefit.  Many parents of children with existing conditions or disorders find Kinesiology to be a calming and soothing adjunct to their existing treatment regimes.

Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers (0 - 4 years)

At this age we run the session with the mother acting as a surrogate for their child energetically. Therefore if you want to book for a child this age - please book an Adult Session. This allows the session to be conducted with the mum directly. Your baby, toddler or pre-schooler is welcome to come along, but it is not necessary. It is totally up to you whether you bring your child with you or choose to take some time out and come on your own. Alternatively you may even book an online session via Zoom. Either way is totally fine and just as potent. The balancing and shifts that occur have a profound effect on both mum and child as they are still so connected in these early years. 

Primary School Age (5 - 12 years)

By school age, children have their own sessions and their parent generally stays with us in the room (or whatever works for your child).  I then muscle test the child directly using their forearm. I do however, always adapt my sessions according to your child, and will only ever work in a way that ensures they feel safe and comfortable.  If  a child is happy to get up on the table and lie down, great.  But i am equally happy to sit on the floor and run the session from there if that works best!

I always encourage mums to consider booking a seperate session for themselves, as well as their child. Often children can also be unconsciously picking up stress, tension or repressed emotions from their parents which can amplify their own issues, and so it can be quite profound to work from both angles - the child and the parent.  Please note Zoom sessions for this age group are available upon request.


As a general rule, kids are fascinated by the fun remedies that may come up for them in a Kinesiology session such as sound, crystals and colour.  Holding certain acupressure points is really powerful for children also, but again I will only ever incorporate therapies and remedies in a way that ensures your child feels safe and comfortable. 

Teen Kinesiology Sessions (Age 13 - 19 years)

Kinesiology for this age group centres around balancing the nervous system and energy clearing of the chakras and meridians to promote inner peace and emotional balance. The teenage years can be full of so much change as they transition from childhood to adulthood. The fantastic thing about Kinesiology, is that even if they are unable to express what they are feeling, their body will guide the session (via muscle testing of the forearm). This allows them to gain a greater awareness of themselves and their feelings. Kinesiology is beneficial for confidence, self esteem, feelings of worthiness and healthy boundaries, and can assist with coping with anxiety, stress and overwhelm, just to name a few.  Please note Zoom sessions for this age group are available upon request.  

We use a wide range of powerful healing tools, techniques and natural remedies such as acupressure points, energy work, mineral tissue salts, flower essences, essential oils, affirmations, crystals, colour therapy, sound therapy and much more to address the imbalance.  These are a few examples of remedies that may test up in a session.

Shamanic Crystal Wand and Knife
Pressing an acupressure point on wrist
Chromotherapy Light Torch and Colour Cards
Bach Flower Essences
Crystal Towers and Wands
Sound Healing Bowl
Chakra Tuning Forks
Palo Santo Burning
Essential Oils
Meridian Tuning Forks
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